Raffaella Carra Bio - Biography

Name Raffaella Carra
Naionality Italian
Date of Birth 18 June 1943
Place of Birth Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Famous for
Raffaella Carrà was born June 18th 1943 in Bologna (Italy) and she very famous in Italy, Spain and Latin-America. She is a show-woman: Raffaella introduces, entertains, interviews, dances, sings and, of course, she's an actress. Highly unlikely she was already a household name at the time of the Saturday night TV variety shows, when 'Signorina Pelloni' from Bologna, fresh from the beaches of the Adriatic and with a new stage name first coyly revealed her perfect navel and made quiet family men break out in a cold sweat; when her, far from skinny, legs gave some consolation to housewives struggling with the latest point-based diet; when her winning smile made the comic spells of Maga Maghella credible to the little ones. Carràmba che sorpresa!, ¡Hola Raffaella!, Canzonissima, En casa con R affaella, Pronto... Raffaella?, A las 8 con Raffaella, Ma che sera, La hora de Raffaella Carrà, Domenica in... and more, are some variety shows's titles of her programs in Spain and in Italy.

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