Marcus Schenkenberg Bio - Biography

Name Marcus Schenkenberg
Height 6' 2½
Naionality swedish
Date of Birth 4 August 1968,
Place of Birth Solna, Stockholms län, Sweden
Famous for
Marcus Lodewijk Schenkenberg van Mierop, better known as just Marcus Schenkenberg (born 4 August 1968) is the world's first male supermodel, actor, singer, writer and TV personality born in Stockholm, Sweden but of Dutch descent (he doesn't speak Dutch though but does understand it, as was seen on a Dutch tv show 'Jensen!' in May 2007).

He is the highest paid per-year male supermodel in the world, and also known for his muscular, well-proportioned body, and especially for his "washboard" abdominal muscles. Schenkenberg, who was discovered by American photographer Barry King, while rollerskating in Venice Beach, California in 1989, is approximately 1.90 m tall (6 ft 3 in)[1] and weighs 82 kg (188 lb)[2], though in reality he is said to be over 6 ft 3 in[1] tall, rounding this figure down for the sake of his career, resulting in many conflicting published figures - even between his various agencies and his book.

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