Isabelle Mergault Bio - Biography

Name Isabelle Mergault
Naionality Franch
Date of Birth 11-May-1958
Place of Birth France
Famous for Acting
Isabelle Mergault is a French actress and director. Alongside his artistic activity in theater and film, it appears as an associate of the Issue Bigheaded Philippe Bouvard on RTL. Then she joined her friend Laurent Ruquier Nothing in polishing France Inter We will then s'gener on Europe 1. She was also a columnist in the show We tried everything on the same host on France 2. She realized I think you're beautiful (released in January 2006) which drew 3.6 million people salle2. The film was also released in theaters in Germany, Belgium and Israel and Lebanon, and an output is provided for US3. He received the 2007 Cesar for best first film. His next film, Finally widow, including Michele Laroque, was released in January 2008. It includes many actors in his first film.

His third feature film, Giving Giving, was released on 6 October 2010. She runs including Daniel Auteuil and Sabine Azema and found Medeea Marinescu and Tom Morton and Julien Cafaro. This film, which is a public and critical failure, Gerard earned him a film in the category of "director, when you see his films, well you've struggled to achieve. Because, in fact, too "4. Since early March 2011, she was sworn occasional and recurrent issue in Lawrence Ruquier is n'demande to laugh. One of its known features is its "hiss" (default pronunciation of the "ch" and "j") and his high-pitched voice.

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