Yu Hasebe Bio - Biography

Name Yu Hasebe
Height 155cm
Naionality gifu prefecture
Date of Birth January 17, 1986
Place of Birth Gifu Prefecture
Famous for
Yu has always been the visual focal point of dream, having been given the center position of the original group's V-formation. The more elaborate choreography of the expanded dream eliminated any standard positioning of the girls when performing, but Yu continues to be featured at the center of most group photographs. In late 2004, Yu began an ongoing series of gravure magazine shoots, with photobooks and DVD releases following shortly thereafter.

Possibly as an extension of the above, Yu is also the actress of the group, with roles in a growing number of movies and doramas. Her credits include a starring role in the late-night TV Tokyo drama Koi Suru!? Kyaba Jou and the female lead in Karera no Umi VII ~Wish on the Polestar~. Yu is also the only member to appear in dream's drama-styled PV for the song Kono Natsu ga Owaru Mae ni.

In addition, Yu co-hosted Purin-su from April 18 through December 12, 2005 and OUT★PUT throughout its 52 episode run. Currently, she co-hosts the Wednesday edition of Gocha Maze! on MBS Radio and is a semi-regular on ABC's Hajime-chan -Anata no Otona Nenrei wa?-.

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