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Name Trisha Uptown
Height 5' 1"
Date of Birth 7 August 1979
Place of Birth
Famous for
Vodka Collins was like a comet that burned briefly and brightly across the sky of the Tokyo rock scene. In their two years as a unit they easily dominated the rock 'n roll world in Japan in the early 70's, and their debut album "Tokyo-New York" (EMI/Toshiba) still sells today in CD re-issues. There were three hit singles (in both the English and Japanese languages) off of the album, and a TV theme song.

The core band of Vodka Collins consisted of singer/guitarist Alan Merrill, and drummer/percussionist Hiroshi Oguchi, much like their British counterpart band T Rex. Marc Bolan of T Rex and his wife June were said to have loved the Vodka Collins' "Tokyo-New York" album, and they marvelled at the glam rock style being done in the Japanese language so well.

The band split up in the winter of 1973, in an explosive response by Merrill to the band's deceptive management, and their mishandling of the band's finances.

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