Tinsel Korey Bio - Biography

Name Tinsel Korey
Naionality Canadian
Date of Birth 25-March-1980
Place of Birth Toronto
Famous for Acting
Tinsel Korey is a Canadian actress, best known for portraying the Makah Emily Young in the Twilight Saga films New Moon and Eclipse.
Prior to moving to Vancouver, Korey had already appeared in some ads. She then decided in late 2002 to move to Hollywood, but was "stopped at the border because she couldn't prove she was going to come back to Canada. She couldn't go home though so she called her friend and got on a flight to Vancouver and she's been there ever since."
In 2006, Korey was given a small role as a rape victim opposite Callum Keith Rennie in the film Unnatural & Accidental, which told the story of a series of murders of mostly Native American women. The film's director, Carl Bessai, recalled: "It was one of her first gigs and it was harrowing. She was terrified and Callum is so method, so intense. It was one of those moments where you watch a young actor and you think, 'This will either really give them the power to act or it will just alienate them.'"
Korey performed as a singer at the 2008 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards.

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