Rie Rasmussen Bio - Biography

Name Rie Rasmussen
Height 5' 10"
Naionality Denmark
Date of Birth 14 February 1976,
Place of Birth Copenhagen, Denmark
Famous for
Rie Rasmussen was born in Denmark in 1978 to an artist mother and an Economist father. She was raised in the Danish country in an extended family with nine brother and sisters. She moved to New York at the age of 15 and has continued to travel ever since then. She lived in Hunting Beach California where she briefly attended film school as a director. While writing in Paris she was cast in Brian De Palmas "Femme Fatale". After her role in Brian De Palmas's film she was picked as the exclusive worldwide face of Gucci. At the age of 24 she directed her first short film, "Thinning the Nerd" which she also wrote and acted in. "Thinning the Nerd" was officially selected in Cannes film festival 2004. She opened Taormina film festival with her second short film 'Il Vestito' which she also wrote and appeared in. Shot on location in Palermo Sicily as a Black and white homage to Italian Neo-realism. In 2005 she was cast as the lead Luc Besson's "Angel-A" a French speaking black and white fairytale set in Paris. She is commencing production on her first feature film in 2007. She will also publish a book of her artwork including photography, painting and illustrations in 2007.

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