Philippa Forrester Bio - Biography

Name Philippa Forrester
Height 5' 6
Naionality British
Date of Birth 20 September 1968
Place of Birth Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK
Famous for
Philippa’s career has been extremely varied. A presenter of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show in 1990 she started presenting The O-zone, and later shared the Broom Cupboard with Ed the Duck. In 1995 Philippa moved to adults TV and joined Tomorrow World. More recently she has hosting the cult BBC 2 programme Robot Wars.
She has a Birmingham University degrees in English (1990) and a Birkbeck College degree in Ecology and Conservation (1998). Her Fiancé is Charlie Hamilton James a BBC wildlife cameraman. She has two children Fred Brian William Hamilton James (born 2000) and Angus (born October 2003). As a hobby she collects old 1st edition children's books.

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