Patrizia Pellegrino Bio - Biography

Name Patrizia Pellegrino
Naionality Italian
Date of Birth 28-July-1962
Place of Birth Italy
Famous for Acting
Patrizia Pellegrino is an actress, television host and showgirl Italian. Made her film debut in 1981 in honor and guapperia of Titian Longo . His television debut on TRM Radio Television of Southern Matera as an assistant in the program "Scoprifuoco" conducted by DJ Gigi Martial. Then back on TV with Peppino Di Capri in Odeon and is chosen by Luca De Filippo as the protagonist of the drama Petrosinella. It also plays a singing career, launched by Corrado with the initials Bang! television program Grand Canal.

As a presenter, subsequently filed Chewing gum show along with Maurizio Micheli, Night and Day, Who pull into dancing, The pleasure of summer and Clear Variable. Since the late eighties he devoted himself successfully to the theater, where he finally can play roles in more engaged. After having collected a great success with the play by Sandro Mayer Crossroads of Love, in 2004 took part in the second edition of The Island of the Famous, were eliminated during the seventh installment with 43% of votes. Currently has been working as a stage actress and film producer. Since September 14, 2010 leads Villages and trades on the satellite channel Leonardo (Sky).

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