Pataravarin Timkul Bio - Biography

Name Pataravarin Timkul
Height 172cm
Date of Birth 1, Mar 1979
Place of Birth
Famous for
Patharawarin was trained as a ballerina and dancer as a child and first found work as a model and acting in television commercials. She has appeared as the cover girl on a number of Thai magazines and has found steady work in the Thai film industry since her first feature-film role in Bangkok Dangerous, the debut film from the Pang Brothers. She co-starred as Aom, a worker in a go-go bar and contact for the protagonist gunman. She has appeared in mostly crime films and in films where she plays a vixen. Another of her well-known roles was as Khun Kaew in Nonzee Nimibutr's erotic drama, Jan Dara.
She has also on occasion appeared in performances at her mother's open air theater, the Patravadi Theatre, located in Bangkok Yai.
In 2005, May represented Thailand as an ambassador to the World Youth Peace Summit.
Alternate English spellings of her name include Patarvarin, Patarawarin, Pataravarin or Pattawarin.

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