Myriam Fares Bio - Biography

Name Myriam Fares
Date of Birth May 3, 1983
Place of Birth Lebanon
Famous for
Myriam Faris took ballet lessons from age five, and at age nine earned first place on Tele-Liban (Al Mawahib Al Saghira), in Oriental dance. She registered at the National Conservatory of Music and studied musicology for four years.

At age sixteen, Myriam participated in the Lebanese Song Festival where she won first prize for the public Lebanese song nomination. At seventeen she participated in Studio el Fan 2000, representing the district of South Lebanon and earned the first prize and the Special Certificate from Dr. Walid Gholmieh.

At age 21, with the guidance of her management company Music Is My Life, Faris signed her first record deal with Music Master International and launched her first album on October 21, 2003 at the Virgin Megastore – Beirut. The album witnessed immediate success and became a best seller for a debut artist. Her music video for the hit song "Ana Wel Shouk" became one of the most requested music videos as soon as it was broadcasted on local and cable television.

Faris's next move was to shoot her second music video "ta'al habrashli", directed by Marwan el galali. In the video, Faris portrayed two different characters. During Myriam's promotional tours for her album in Jordan, the UAE and Egypt, media representatives and fan base gave her an effusive welcome. Egypt awarded her as "Best Female Young Artist" and gave a prize for best video clip.

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