Michele Wagard Bio - Biography

Name Michele Wagard
Date of Birth March 7, 1980
Place of Birth
Famous for
Michele studied at Bangkok Patana School among her classmates were Tata Young, Joni Anwar, Louis Scott, Ananda Everingham, Rowena Kennett and Angie Hastings. She appeared in music videos for stars such as Bird Thongchai McIntyre, Raptor, Fly, U.H.T, Maew Jerasak and several more. In 1996 she landed a record deal with Grammy Entertainment in Thailand. Michele and 7 other teenagers released the teen friendly album Teen 8 Grade A. The album was greatly received by the Thai public and the band sold several 100.000 copies and went on tour. After a year on the road the four girls in the band came together and created Thailand's first pop girl band JAMP, Jennifer, Anna , Michele and Por. JAMP released two albums JAMP and Bungorn ao tae dance. After several years of touring the girls split up and went their separate ways in 2001. Anna Jandrasopark, the Anna in the quartet, subsequently became embroiled in a sex video scandal. Her boyfriend accidentally left copies of their lovemaking on her computer when it was sent for repairs. The videos became widely distributed on the web. Por released a solo album while Jennifer started in a new girl band show girls.

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