Lara Belmont Bio - Biography

Name Lara Belmont
Naionality British
Date of Birth 1980
Place of Birth Oxford, England, UK
Famous for
Praised for her blistering performance as the abused daughter in Tim Roth's directorial debut, The War Zone, Lara Belmont was discovered by a casting director as she shopped on the Portobello Road. Roth said he felt as though he'd discovered Ingrid Bergman, and with the press proclaiming her Britain's most talented actress, Belmont's future looks extremely bright.

After making the War Zone she went home to discover that everybody thought she'd become a porn star.

Her mother was a model during the sixties and her paternal grandmother was painted by Whistler.
"Jessie is quiet and keeps to herself. She's quite happy the family has moved to Devon because when she goes back to college in London, Dad won't be there. She's sexually aware and uses her sexuality, but really just wants to be loved. Shooting the film was an emotionally exhausting experience, especially the scenes between Jessie and Dad, but I just distanced myself from it and didn't think about it. Ray and Tilda really helped; they made me and Freddie feel relaxed and not think about acting. I did have to think carefully about doing the film because of what it's about, but I knew Tim wanted to do something truthful which is important to me."

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