Kim Alexis Bio - Biography

Name Kim Alexis
Height 5' 9½"
Naionality American
Date of Birth 15 July 1960,
Place of Birth Lockport, New York, USA
Famous for
Kim Alexis was born and reared in upstate New York. Always competitive, Kim was deeply involved in junior high and high school athletics and had planned a career in pharmacology.At the age of 18, she was "discovered" by the Elite Talent Agency. She soon moved to New York City and thus began an unbelievable career in the modeling industry. In fact, it's as though the term "supermodel" was coined to describe her.
She quickly made her mark in the modeling industry, earning a stint as Revlon spokesperson, doing countless TV and print ads, and gracing the cover of over 500 magazines, not to mention six appearances in the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.
More than just a model, Kim parlayed her good looks and bright mind into other opportunities, including broadcast journalism, where she hosted several television shows, and film and TV acting.
As her career has progressed, she's never lost her love of fitness. In recent years, she's focused on health and wellness issues for women, specifically by developing several fitness aids.
Kim is married to former New York Ranger Hockey Player Ron Duguay. To learn more about Ron, visit his Web site Together with their five children, they live in beautiful North Florida.

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