Kerri Kasem Bio - Biography

Name Kerri Kasem
Height 5' 6
Naionality American
Date of Birth 12 July 1972,
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, USA
Famous for
Kerri comes by her show-biz genes legitimately she's the daughter of radio legend Casey Kasem, and his first wife, Linda, a political fund raiser. Growing up in Hollywood, Kerri insists shes wanted to act ever since she was able to walk. Having first performed by herself, she was quick to recruit younger brother Mike, and sister Julie into her plays and parodies. Kerri was both the director and costumer for these family playlets dressing up her siblings and feeding them their lines. After graduating high school, Kerri took a slight detour, but one typical of her nature. She packed her belongings into her first car, took off to Santa Cruz, California, and grabbed a gig as a bungee-jumping instructor! But once again, show biz beckoned and Kerri headed back to L.A. and some serious professional training. That training included an acting course at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, from which she graduated, improv classes at the Comedy Connection, scene study with Tracy Roberts, and vocal training from Robert Edwards and Peggy Coburn. Just to cover all the bases Kerri also attended and graduated from the Academy of Radio Broadcasting. Kerri got to use all that training in various film productions, commercials, and live theater. But it was when she joined brother Mike at MTV-Asia, that things exploded for her. She found her niche, hosting became her passion. She was an instant celebrity overseas, and she got to travel far and wide doing specials and remote broadcasts in countries like India, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh. Kerri hosted and/or co-hosted with her brother Mike many MTV shows including string of live concerts with the biggest names in music. Then, when Mike hit the 4-year mark overseas, he got homesick and the twosome flew home. Back in the States, Kerri picked up a new MTV show called "Senseless Acts of Video". The show was ideal for Kerri because she not only got to host, but indulge her craving for big thrills like skydiving, dirt bike riding, street bike riding, snow-boarding and her beloved bungee-jumping. Kerri has also done several projects in tandem with Mike, including the foreign market version of "Americas Funniest Home Videos" for Vin Di Bona Productions and interstitials for AMC-American Movie Classics. Kerri currently has two syndicated radio shows, two local radio shows and two TV shows. The two syndicated radio shows are called "All Comedy Radio," where she's a DJ but spins comedy instead of music. And the other is called "Racing Rocks," with Riki Rachtman. One of the local radio shows Kerri hosts is on KLSX 97.1 the FM talk station and is called "Two Chicks and a Bunny," in which she hosts and produces with two of her girlfriends. Kerri also co-hosts a show in Phoenix with Danny Bonaduce called the "Danny Bonaduce show." In addition to the radio shows she's the host of a new TV show called "The Rub" on SiTV. Kerri also hosts "Coming Attractions" on the E! Entertainment Network, where you can watch her Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday previewing all the new movies to come. She also loves a good fight. That's why you'll find her at every UFC "Ultimate Fighting Championship" in the center of the octagon interviewing the fighters on live Pay-Per-View TV. To relax and unwind Kerri spends time with her horses, she's an avid horseback rider. She also spends time riding her Motorcycles, whether they're dirt or street. You'll also find Kerri at the movies or at the nearest Karaoke Bar belting out her favorite 80's songs or show tunes.

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