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Name Jolin Tsai
Date of Birth September 15, 1980
Place of Birth
Famous for
Jolin was an introverted and shy child. Knowing that Jolin was of scholarly material, her mother brought her to attend Japanese-style Mathematics lessons, and she completed the course more quickly than expected. In addition, she never failed to get into the top 3 positions of her class during her primary school years, other than once when she placed at the tenth position. As a result, she was caned by her mother for being too complacent in her test preparation. True enough, her scholarly material brought her to the top-ranked schools in Taiwan, such as Jingmei Girls High School, and Fu-Jen Catholic University. The latter is well known for its English and English Literature courses, which Jolin majored in.

She self-studied English during her primary school years. Her interests in English are reflected when she chose to do English Literature in Fun-Jen Catholic University, a Taiwanese University popular for its English culture and foundation. She also developed an interest towards singing, as she experimented with different vocal singing techniques after listening to various popular female singers such as Teresa Teng and Faye Wong.

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