Joanie Laurer Bio - Biography

Name Joanie Laurer
Height 5' 10"
Naionality American
Date of Birth 27 December 1969
Place of Birth Rochester, New York, USA
Famous for
Chyna was born Joanie Laurer in Rochester, New York. Her parents divorced when she was young and her mother had "revolving door marriages" (Chyna said it seemed as if there was a new guy every year) and her father was an alcoholic. She describes her childhood/family life as "very dysfunctional". She never got along with her parents and says they were very cruel and abusive to her so she was raised by her sister, Kathy. Chyna says Kathy means everything to her - she's her best friend and "mother". After traveling the world on scholarship and holding many jobs (joining a band, belly dancer, pager saleswoman, etc.), she came back to the US to train and becoming a professional wrestler, Triple H, and become his valet in the WWF.

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