Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Bio - Biography

Name Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
Height 5' 10"
Naionality American
Date of Birth 7 April 1971
Place of Birth Newark, New Jersey, USA
Famous for
According to his commentary for the DVD release of the 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, he was looking for someone to play Missy, one of the female diamond robbers. Schwalbach asked to play the role and he decided to give her a chance. Harley also appeared at the beginning of the film as baby Silent Bob.

Schwalbach went on to make cameos in other Smith-related productions such as Jersey Girl (in which Harley also appeared), and an episode of the Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation in which Smith appeared ("Goin' Down the Road: Part 1"). She appeared in that episode though according to Kevin Smith she refuses to watch the show on TV and can't understand why he watches it. She also played a hooker in the 2002 film Now You Know.

In January 2004, Schwalbach Smith appeared partially nude, with a Superman look-alike, for Playboy magazine, in a photograph taken by her husband.

Her lone directorial credit is as co-director with Malcolm Ingram for Oh, What a Lovely Tea Party, an extensive 3+ hour documentary on the making of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. The film was shown at Vulgarthon 2005 in Los Angeles, a private film festival hosted by Kevin Smith, and was shown again at Vulgarthon 2006 in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Her most recent film appearance was in 2006's Clerks II in which she played protagonist Dante Hicks' fiancée, Emma Bunting.

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