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Name Ivana Trump
Height 5'11
Naionality American
Date of Birth October 30, 1981
Place of Birth New York City, United States
Famous for
I hope you’re all having a wonderful life. I am, and I want to share so many good times with you all.

First, I’m celebrating a very big birthday very soon! It’s the kind of birthday you gulp about, but then wisely Thank God you're reaching it. And reaching it in good health, and surrounded by people you love and who love you.

Yes, it’s the big 6 0! Like most people, I never thought I’d get to be “this old,” but I am, and it really is true, youth is wasted on the young. I feel stronger, happier, more at peace with myself and my family and work. It’s as if you enter a new sense of wellbeing. You’ve now lived long enough to realize all the truly great things in your life; beginning with great health, which enables you to enjoy the love and support of your family and friends. You’ve learned so many things, now you can pass on that wisdom. Hey, I’m not feeling like Yoda yet… but it is good to know that life has rubbed off on you.

As I celebrate a big birthday, we have another new birth into our family! Donald J. Trump III, born to Don Jr., and his beautiful wife Vanessa . Ttheir lovely little daughter Kai is so thrilled to have a brand new brother to play with. They’re an amazing young couple, and so happy and in love, as well as mad about baby Kai and now baby Donny . This new baby is coming into a loving home.

I was just at the Paris shows, and although they seemed to be a little restrained because of the global economy, there was still some over the top fashion. Paris is Paris- the center of fashion and tradition, so no matter how strong or weak the dollar or euro are, Paris pulls out all the stops. I don’t like naming names of “favorite” anyone’s, because I always feel guilty when I see another designer I didn’t name. But, I did do most of my shopping at Dior, Cavalli, and Dolce and Gabbana. Listen, even in hard times a woman has to look fabulous.

That means you too my dears- please. I know these are grim times, but letting yourself go will only make you feel worse. Remember those dark days when you don’t want to get out of bed, life is blue, or your mood is dark? Then, you realize you only have this one day on earth. It could be your last; you want it to be wonderful. So, you get up, put on some make-up (it really does make you feel better), a pretty dress and go out and attack the world. That’s what we all have to do in these times until we get to the other side of whatever happened in this world. No one seems to know how we got to this point, even the wisest minds on earth don’t fully understand. But, let’s live our lives, love our families, and make sure we help support each other until the good times are back.

I’m working hard on so many different projects around the world, but of course, things are a little slower. Still, it’s a good life and I’m glad I’m able to share it with you all.

I just came back from a cruise in the Caribbean with friends. Family and friends are truly God’s kindest gift to us. I have friends all over the world, and they’re coming to Palm Beach to celebrate my birthday. It will be wonderful to see them all again.

I wish you all a great life. It’s not perfect, not for any of us, but it’s all we have and I’m so glad I can share mine with you.

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