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Name Isabel Lucas
Height 5' 6
Naionality Australian
Date of Birth 29 January 1985,
Place of Birth Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Famous for
Isabel Lucas (born January 29, 1985 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian actress. As a child Isabel Lucas lived in Melbourne, Australia, then in Switzerland for a year but later moved to a small mining town in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory with her sister, Swiss mother and Australian father. She now resides in Sydney's North Shore. Until October 2006, she played Tasha Andrews on the successful Australian TV soap Home and Away.

In school, Isabel was involved in drama and enrolled in courses with the Victorian College of Arts but had never pursued commercial roles until she was spotted at the Port Douglas market in Tropical North Queensland by Sharron Meissner, a Sydney theatrical agent. She auditioned for the role of Kit Hunter in Home and Away (now played by Amy Mizzi); while the producer of the show, Julie McGauran, felt that role was not right for Isabel, she was sufficiently impressed to have a new character (Tasha) created for her. Lucas won a Logie Award (for new popular talent) for her performance on the program.

Born the 29th January 1985, in Melbourne, Isabel is eighteen years old!

Playing Tasha Andrews on Home and Away is her first television role. She never had planned to become an actress but was thrown into it when one day whilst shopping with her family in far North Queensland she was discovered by an agent whilst on holidays in 2002. Isabel was involved in drama throughout school (courses through Victorian College of Arts and Queensland University of Technology). She was signed up and after a couple of auditions she scored the part on Home & Away. Coincidentally Isabel first auditioned for the role of Kit Hunter (played by Amy Mizzi) and after the producers decided she wasn’t at all suitable for the part but they did in fact want her, they created the role of Tasha especially for her!

Isabel is very wordly, her mother is Swiss and her father a commercial pilot! She was born in Melbourne, moved to Switzerland when she was 6 years old(Isabel can speak Swiss) then moved back to Melbourne, to Kakadu, back to Melbourne and then up to Cairns when she was 10 years old For three years she attended Kakadu National Park School, in a country town of only 1,000 people. She attended the school for three years which was made up of aboriginal and white children- she described herself as a 'wild bush child'.Her job at H&A caused her to move to Sydney!

She used to live on an acreage with her family in Cairns along with plenty of animals including horses in which she used to compete in dressage and showjumping. She’s currently doing year 12 but has deferred her studies and is doing the HSC over 2 years. Isabel loves chilling out on the beach, listening to Jack Johnson and spending time with her friends! She is also trying her hand at new things and is currently learning how to surf and play the guitar!

Lucas is a spokesperson for the National Breast Cancer Awareness program.

Lucas dated co-star Chris Hemsworth on and off until June 2006.

Full Name: Isabel Lucas

D.O.B: 29th January 1985

Star Sign: Aquarius

Home: Sydney

Siblings: Older sister Nini.

Pets: Back in Cairns she has a little dog called Molly which is a Silky Terrier Maltese Cross and a horse called Tiki

Favourite TV SHOW: She doesn't watch TV

Favourite food/drink: artichokes, spaghetti bolognaise and mineral water.

Favourite Colour: ocean blue

Favourite Pastime: Drawing/painting, listening to music, beach exploring, driving to new places - camping, playing guitar, skateboarding

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp

Favourite Actress: Sudrey Tatou

[[What are your must-have beauty products?]] “I love rosehip oil as a moisturiser and paw paw ointment as a lip balm.”

What’s your best beauty tip? “Start on the inside. Make sure to eat healthy and drink plenty of water.”

What's your beauty routine? “I just splash my face with water in the mornings and wear a moisturiser with sunscreen in it. After work I remove my make-up with cleanser and then moisturise.”

What are your favourite fashion labels and why? “I like unique clothing with beading and usually opt for more soft, flowing styles for example, Peace Angels. But I usually just wear jeans or whatever is the most comfortable!”

[[What outfit or trend is your absolute fave at the moment?]] “I really like the ‘urban-gypsy look.”

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you have ever been given?“Be individual and wear what suits you and what you like.”

[[Tell me about yourself?]] "I’m from Queensland but I was born in Melbourne and lived there for most of my primary school years. I also lived in Switzerland for a year and in Kakadu National Park. Then we moved to Cairns and I lived there until I moved to Sydney for Home and Away." How did you get started in Home and Away? "I had an agent who was in Sydney and she told me to go and audition. So I went to the audition, which was for casting in Melbourne. Then they asked me to come back for a recall in Sydney. I was not expecting to get the role at all because I initially auditioned for the role of Kit Hunter, who is played by Amy Mizzi. I didn't get that role but they created another one for me, which was quite flattering and really nice. I had no expectations of getting anything as I was still at high school doing year 12. I just thought I would go to get the experience and I was really lucky – I got the role." Was moving around so much hard on you? "No, I liked moving, I like change and I look at it as a positive. My Dad is a pilot so we did move around a lot. Living in Switzerland was a good experience for me and I learned a lot from it. I’m lucky because Mum spoke Swiss to me when I was little so now I can speak Swiss, which is really handy."

Tell me about your character? "My character is quite an unusual girl. She’s a bit of a Jane Doe, a mystery girl. She’s discovered the beach and no one knows who she is or where she’s from. It’s all quite bizarre how she just turns up and as the storyline unfolds it’s revealed she’s a very withdrawn, naive, fearful kind of character, nearly animalistic. She’s got these tribal instincts and she has aggressive outbursts like she’s had some sort of trauma. No one knows where her parents are and no one can understand her because she speaks pig Latin, which is like a coded language. "

What’s it like working with the rest of the cast? "It’s been great. Everyone has been really welcoming. All the cast and crew are really down to earth people because there are a lot of kids in the cast. It was lovely to meet some nice friends, especially not knowing anyone in Sydney." Had you done any acting prior to Home and Away? "I did drama at high school and then I’ve done a couple of courses in Melbourne. Other than that, this is my first big thing. "

Do you have any other talents? "I love art. I’ve always loved creative arts – all of those arty subjects at school like painting, sketching, anything like that. Also music – I love guitar and I’ve had singing lessons. I’m learning to skateboard and have been trying out lots of new exciting fun things since I’ve been in Sydney. I have even been surfing!"

Tell me about your audition process? "Well, what happens is they give you a script or a scene that you have someone else read with you. The first time I went for the casting in Melbourne they filmed it and sent it to Channel Seven. Then when I went back for the recall, which is when they call you back and you have a check-up with the producer and the drama coach, I was reading the script with Beau Brady [who plays Noah]."

Isabel Lucas supports and is an ambassador to many organizations including:
World Vision
The Humour Foundation
Women Against Violence
Seeing Eye Dogs Australia
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad
Global Green Plan[1]

and appeared in an American Television Commercial for Crest Toothpaste.

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