Hannah Graf Bio - Biography

Name Hannah Graf
Height 5' 8"
Naionality swedish
Date of Birth 31 August 1978,
Place of Birth Kungsängen, Stockholms län, Sweden
Famous for
Swedish celebrity Hannah Graaf first became a famous model in the 1990s. With her classical beauty she had very little trouble finding work in the fashion industry during her teen years.

At the age of 18, Hannah chose a different direction for her career. Inspired by the phenomenal success of actress and sex symbol, Pamela Anderson, Hannah had breast augmentation surgery. Her new image was that of the stereotypical Swedish sex kitten and she was soon catapulted into the spotlight by every major Swedish men's magazine on the market.

Second only to Victoria Silvstedt, Hannah quickly became Sweden's most popular nude model. She controversially posed nude regularly with her sister Magdalena Graaf. The sisters used a portion of their earnings to open a charity for impoverished children in India. Hannah, who was raised in the Swedish Pentacostal church, maintains that she never completely turned her back on its conservative Christian values.

Hannah and her sister Magdalena retired from nude modelling in 1998 when they embarked on a new career as the pop music duo Graaf and release the album 'Graaf Sisters'. They worked with producers Christer Sandelin, Tommy Ekman, and Rob 'n' Raz. The record yielded the Swedish #1 hit 'You Got (What I Want)'.

These days Hannah remains a famous 'scandal beauty'. A whimsical and independent spirit, she shocked her fans when she landed herself at the center of a criminal investigation. During this time, Hannah famously changed her look again, dying her hair dark brown and donning brown contact lenses. Over the years she has became a skilled manipulator of the media. Creating photos ops by dating famous men, like Swedish football star Martin Dahlin. Hannah again found herself in the middle of media controversy when she becme pregnant and refused to name the father of her child. However this provided another opportunity for her to make front page news when her son, William, was born and she revealed that millionaire Swedish songwriter/music producer Andreas Carlsson (songwriting partner of Max Martin) was her son's father. She has since had a second son and settled down with an unknown male model.

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