Eva Grimaldi Bio - Biography

Name Eva Grimaldi
Naionality Italian
Date of Birth 7 September 1961,
Place of Birth Verona, Veneto, Italy
Famous for
They are been born to alive Verona and to Rome moving to me continuously for job in tutt'Italia. I have toed make one's debut in the world of the show like guardarobiera… but of “Drive in”, the mythical transmission of Antonio Ricci. Thirteen heading, then decided to break off the triennial contract with the Fininvest, because two important proposals carry to me from Milan to Rome: cinema and theatre. L " debut in the cinema has happened under a good star, indeed, piu' the great star of the Italian cinema, Federico Fellini, than it offered to a role of it “l " Interview to me”. Then endured the theatre, the encounter with Pier Francisco Pingitore to the Hall Daisy where I have interpreted “Good Bettino night”. The cinema has been one of the fundamental members of mine ten years of professional activity. I have taken part to beyond thirty films, turns in Italy and abroad, working with directors which Risi, Monicelli, Damiani, Chabrol and Tachella. In the “95, in France, they are the protagonist of “Les anges gardiens” with Gerard Depardieu, film record d " proceeds that the market of oltralpe opened me and gave one carried out decisive to my career. Always in the same year Steven Meisel, the great photographer author of the images of “Sex” of Madonna, it chose to me which testimonial of the campaign jeans of Calvin Kleinin U.S.A. A beautiful satisfaction, not is that to say! Of return in Italy, after to have turned a second film in France, “Lupin, Lupin” with Peter Coyote, have been the protagonist of the tv-movies for Mediaset, “Ladri are born” of P.F. Pingitore and “the villa of the mysteries”, miniserial that it marked l " debut of Alberto Castagna like actor. Subsequently they have been the lookout-posts of “targati Men Eva” written purposely for me from Amendola Pine and Nicholas Pistoia, gone in scene with large succeeding of critic and public to the Parioli Theatre of Rome. To January of 1999 on Channel 5 the fiction in two aiming “Trestelle”, (still for the direction of Pier Francisco Pingitore) where I interpret one of the three roles from protagonist. In the same month I have begun the tests, in order then to to make one's debut in February, to the Stable one of Catania with a text of Red of Saint Second “Instead that all " one to the two”; the director was Roberta Torre. This experience will not make me to mourn to have previously rinunciato to proposals RAI, and will give space to my attrice being, improving to me and perfecting to me on the stage (and “Stage” that situated one accommodates my). The critics have been shocking. The thing makes immense appeals to me because they revalue to me professionally, removing quell " simple label to me of " buxom woman " whom it begins to starmi truly tightened. Nell " autumn “99 on one of the Mediaset nets, is exited fiction “a kiss in the buio” for the direction of Roberto Rocco, in which I interpret a role key placing side by side Patricia Millardet and where I give finally vent to my interpretative qualities. Between the other interpreters: Tony Musante, Massimo Ranieri, Florinda Bolkan. In winter instead, a " other fiction: “The villa” still for the direction of PierFrancesco Pingitore. And” a choral film-tv where beyond me you will find Stefania Sandrelli, Leo Gullotta, Gabriel Garko, Maurizio Mattioli. For the next teatrale season they are engaged in the role of protagonist in commedia a draft from a famous film American and I will touch the more important theatres d " Italy. I recommend myself, you come to see to me in theatre!

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