Emma Pierson Bio - Biography

Name Emma Pierson
Height 5' 3
Naionality British
Date of Birth 30 April 1981,
Place of Birth Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
Famous for
Emma was born Emma Jane Pierson on April 30th 1981 in Plymouth, Devon. Her Mother was a nurse and her father was a submariner in the Royal Navy, being stationed at Faslane Naval Base on the Clyde where Emma spent the first four years of her life.

By the time she was in her teens, Emma was one of four children living with her parents in North Bradley near Warminster in Wiltshire, and it was while attending St Laurence School in nearby Bradford on Avon that she decided to take acting lessons with the school's drama department, quickly learning the fundamentals of the craft.

After leaving school in 1997 Emma continued with amature dramatics, principally with the North Bradley players, appearing in Chekov plays such as "Uncle Vanya".

While studying law at Bath College, she was spotted by a casting agent and chosen from among dozens of young hopefuls to play schoolgirl Becky Radcliffe in the long running BBC children's drama series "Grange Hill".

After leaving "Grange Hill" Emma was picked to play the flirty Jackie Burgett in "Days like these" a British remake of hit US comedy "That 70s Show", becoming at age 17, the youngest member of the cast. However, unlike the original series "Days like These" did disastrously and was cancelled after only a few episodes.

However, it would not prove to be Emmas' last foray into comedic television. She would go on to appear in a wide range of situation comedies over the next few years, either as a series regular or as a guest star, as well as a string of short films, most of which had a comic flavour

She appeared a number of times in various episodes of the Channel 4 sketch show "Armstrong and Miller" and would come to work with both Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller several times in other things. Most notably in veterinary comedy "Beast" with Armstrong, and "Worst week of my life" with Miller.

But arguably her most popular sitcom role among her fans is as Connie the no nonsense barmaid from "Time Gentlemen Please" a sitcom written as a vehicle for Al Murray's Pub Landlord character by Murray and Richard Herring.
Emma replaced actress Julia Sawalha for the final run of episodes, remaining friends with the "Perrier" award winning Murray after the series ended on Sky1 in 2001.

Although well versed in comedy, comedy dramas like "Bedtime" and "Legend of the Tamworth two" have shown that weightier roles are by no means beyond this talented young actress's reach.

She has appeared in "Stranded" the Hallmark channels' version of "Swiss Family Robinson", "The Project" a political drama for the BBC, played Nell Gwynn opposite Rufus Sewells' "Charles II" and played the female lead in an as yet unreleased low budget British movie, "The Engagement" from the director of "Sirens" John Duigan.

However, her biggest dramatic role to date and her most applauded, is as tragic young Policewoman Justine Hopkin in the two part ITV drama production, "Bloodlines". A stunning role that has paid dividends, with casting agents picking her for roles in many more prestigious dramas such as "Riot at the Rite" a period drama for BBC2 set in Paris revolving around the famous Russian dancer Nijinsky, and "Hotel Babylon", an 8 part series about life behind the scenes in a London hotel and starring Emma's "Bloodlines" co-star Max Beesley, shown in 2006.

2006 also sees the release of British indie movie "The Lives of the saints" directed by Chris Cottam, in which Emma plays a character called Tina.
Previously Emma has been seen only fleetingly in movies. She had a "blink and you'll miss her" part in "Virtual Sexuality" and a small role in "Guest House Paradiso" early on in her career, but Until "The Engagement" finally gets a release then Cottam's film must stand as Emma's biggest movie role to date.
Perhaps when the time comes to update this biography further a Hollywood blockbuster can be added to the mix. Only time will tell.

Emmas' hobbies include listening to music, Rock climbing, Scuba diving, and Photography. She also enjoys travelling to other countries and has put that to good use by teaching English as a second language to people living in beach communities in Sri Lanka.

Emma made lots of friends in Sri Lanka and was deeply affected when on Boxing day 2004 the region was struck by a devastating Tsunami. The disaster united Britain in an unprecedented show of goodwill towards the survivors and Emma and her family did their bit by spending that Christmas and new year packing food parcels for the relief effort.

Emma has certainly packed a lot into her years in the business and is likely to pack in a whole lot more, leaving this biography an ongoing chronicle.

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