Elise Crombez Bio - Biography

Name Elise Crombez
Height 5'10"
Naionality Belgian
Date of Birth 24 July 1982,
Place of Birth Moeskroen, Belgium
Famous for
On Models: "I think it's every girl's history where the most unattractive, tall skinny girls in high school [are] picked on, and then suddenly, [she] turns into the opposite. It's kind of hard to believe."

Elise put her marketing degree on hold to pursue a career in modeling.

She has campaigned for the likes of: Prada, Hampton Bays, Victoria's Secret, Anna Sui Wear, EnC, SJ, ASK, Smex, NinesixNY, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, and Bergdorf Goodman

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