Demetri Martin Bio - Biography

Name Demetri Martin
Height 5'11
Naionality American
Date of Birth 25-May-1973
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Demetri Martin began his career in comedy when he dropped out of law school. After graduating from Yale College, Demetri headed to NYU School of Law with a full scholarship. When he realized that law school was boring, Demetri started doing stand-up across the street at the Boston Comedy Club in Greenwich Village but before going into comedy, he dreamed of being a skateboarder but the dream failed.

Since venturing into comedy, Demetri has appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central's Premium Blend and NBC's Late Friday. He has contributed writing to The Daily Show and written for VH-1's Don't Quote Me. In addition, he can be seen as an on-camera personality on Showtime's ShoNext channel. Most recently, Demetri won the coveted Perrier award in 2003 for comedy for his show one-man show "If I..." and was the winner of the 2003 Jury Award prize for Best One-Person Show at the Aspen Comedy Festival. After being on Comedy Central Presents, in 2004, he was turned into a Daily Show correnstondent. In 2007, he made his first comic special.

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