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Name Dawn Marie
Height 5'7
Naionality American
Date of Birth 3 November 1970,
Place of Birth Rahway, New Jersey, USA
Famous for
In April 2002, Dawn Marie began negotiating with World Wrestling Entertainment, eventually agreeing to a deal. She wrestled her first WWE match on April 14, 2002, defeating Kim Neilson at a house show in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She debuted on WWE television on the May 30, 2002 episode of SmackDown! as Vince McMahon's legal assistant, Dawn Marie Renaldi.[citation needed] Dawn briefly had a feud with Stacy Keibler over McMahon's affections until McMahon turned over the General Management position to his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, followed shortly by Keibler departure for the Raw Brand, after backstabbing McMahon.

In her next angle, Dawn was in a relationship with Torrie's father Al. Torrie and Dawn had sex at a hotel to avoid her marrying him, even though the kissing was just shown both Torrie and Dawn said it went much farther than kissing. Despite this, Dawn and Al Wilson "married" anyway. As part of the storyline, Al Wilson died during their honeymoon. Outside of kayfabe, Dawn was called 'Mom' by Torrie. This led to the First-Ever Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter Match at the 2003 Royal Rumble in Boston. Dawn for the most part dominated the match due to the fact that Wilson was too distraught over her father's death to really fight back. In the end though, Wilson surprised Dawn with a roll-up and won yet another Pay-Per-View Match against Dawn Marie.

On April 15, 2003, in Norfolk, Virginia Dawn Marie along with Rhyno, Rey Mysterio and Sable, visited the USS Vella Gulf, a guided missile cruiser. The WWE superstars expressed their gratitude to the Navy for their efforts during the Iraq War. Dawn Marie also gave an emotional speech to the soldiers about how she knew what it's like for their families at home, since Dawn has a brother in the military.

Dawn vs TorrieDawn's first PPV match was at No Mercy in which she lost to Torrie Wilson. During the WWE's tour of Iraq, Dawn spent the night in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces. The palace was gutted and she slept on a cot as did the other WWE Superstars.

Dawn began a short feud with Wilson for the second time over Dawn's jealousy of Torrie's exposure in Playboy and the WWE Divas magazines. The two had a match with Torrie's career on the line thanks to the Smackdown! GM at the time (Kurt Angle) who made that stipulation at the 2004 WWE Judgment Day pay per view. Wilson won the contest with a backslide, in the progress accidentally exposing Marie's thong following a botched school-girl roll-up in which Marie's pants ripped.

After being on hiatus from SmackDown! programming, Dawn began a feud with Miss Jackie, bragging that she and Jackie's fiancée Charlie Haas had an affair. This angle lead up to a match between the two at Armageddon 2004, with Haas as the guest referee. Dawn won the match but afterward, Haas confirmed their affair and broke off both relationships. Months later, she began a short feud with Michelle McCool.

In May 2005, it was reported that Dawn Marie Psaltis was pregnant. In June 2005, she confirmed her pregnancy on WWE's internet talk show, Byte This!. Before she was released by WWE on July 6, 2005, she appeared at One Night Stand 2005. At the time of her pregnancy, there was much speculation in the wrestling community regarding who exactly the father of her child was.

While under WWE contract, Dawn traveled once a week to Louisville, Kentucky, the home of Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) where she and the rest of the Divas practiced and teamed up. They listened to Fit Finlay's ideas and suggestions and worked on some matches together.

As of May 8, 2007 she is currently involved with a lawsuit again with WWE over her departure from the company back in 2005 for being pregnant.

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