Daniela Urzi Bio - Biography

Name Daniela Urzi
Height 5' 8½
Naionality Arjentina
Date of Birth 28 October 1975,
Place of Birth Buenos Aires, Argentina
Famous for
She is Argentine, and making her way to be a fashion star. Daniela Urzi, sorts her time between Buenos Aires and Paris where she has just arrived to be the image of Paloma Picassos new fragance. But Daniela is not just a pair of pretty blue eyes,
She is also a great business manager. Together with her manager, Hernan Chammah, she has her own web site.( www.danielaurzi.com) the site features all information, restaurants, night life, shopping, events, fashion.....almost everything there is to know about seven of her favorite cities.

Her parents, and brother live in Buenos Aires and they've got nothing to do with the fashion world. Dew to her constant moving She speaks four languages, and dreams someday in becoming a singer....but we'll leave that for some other time, because now she'll model for us some Valentino and Dolce & Gabbanas latest collection.

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