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Name Crissy Moran
Height 5'2
Naionality American
Date of Birth 22 December 1975,
Place of Birth San Diego, California, USA
Famous for
She has stated on her MySpace page [4] that she is living in Los Angeles, has found employment outside the porn industry and is getting legal advice on how to reclaim her photos so she can have her adult web sites removed.

British singer Darren Hayman's 2005 song "Crissy M" from his Cortinaland album is a lamentation about her career in the porn industry. He observes that she looks bored and unenthusiastic about her work "because her heart's not in it and never really was. She's not a dirty slut."[5]

On March 10, 2007, Moran gave an interview on the Drew Marshall Show on becoming a Christian and leaving the adult entertainment industry.[6]

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