Cody Linley Bio - Biography

Name Cody Linley
Height 5'10
Naionality American
Date of Birth 20-Nov-1989,
Place of Birth America
Famous for
By age 16, Cody Linley has been in many hit feature films, and appeared often on popular TV shows. Having shot films in Mississippi, Texas and California, Cody knows his way around a movie set. With budgets ranging from $3 to $45 million, Cody chooses his projects carefully, balancing between big movie projects and small independent features.

Cody's diversity is shown, not only in his choice of films, but in his range of characters. In his role in "Hoot", he plays Mullet Fingers, a wild-natured boy who is a 'rebel with a cause' creating havoc when people try to hurt the owls in his home in the woods. He causes trouble for the company who is trying to build a pancake house on the lot where the owls live and the policeman (Luke Wilson is assigned the job to find out who the culprit is. He is a hero who cares stands up for justice in this one.

He played basketball rival for the nerds in the feature "Rebound" playing "Larry Burgess JR" as well as a Beverly Hills bully as Quinn in Cheaper by the Dozen intimidating Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt's kids. In the independent feature, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, Cody shows himself to be an innocent, young boy from Texas, who leads a small town life, until he meets and befriends Zachary Beaver a boy dubbed "The Fattest Boy in the World," and learns about true friendship, loss and acceptance. In Echoes of Innocence, Cody plays a kind, generous and caring prince-in-hiding who begins a romance with his soul-mate, a girl of twelve that lasts a lifetime.

Cody shot his first feature film as "Spit" in "My Dog Skip" at eight years old as following up with Miss Congeniality and Where the Heart Is. He has worked with an impressive group of world-class actors, including Luke Wilson (both in Hoot and My Dog Skip), Steve Martin and Hillary Duff (Cheaper by the Dozen), Kevin Bacon and Frankie Muniz (My Dog Skip), Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman (Where the Heart Is), Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality) and Jonathan Lipnicki and Eric Stoltz (When Zachary Beaver Came to Town).

Cody also takes occasional guest starring roles for Disney as he is filming several episodes of "Hannah Montana" as the TV star "Jake Ryan" and has done a guest star on "That's So Raven" as well.

He also has done several TV movies including "Beyond the Prairie 2: The True Story of Laura Ingalls Wilder," where he plays Laura's best friend and has shown his true Texan spirit, by appearing on episodes of "Walker Texas Ranger," starring Chuck Norris.

Cody lives with his parents and two of his four brothers.
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Has one brother and three step-brothers.

Was born and raised in Lewis-ville, Texas and currently lives in California.

Plays both electric and acoustic guitar.

Favorite sport is basketball.

Likes all kind of music including rap, country & rock.

Good friends with Demi Lovato and Juliane Hough.

For Valentines Day in 2006, he bought his mother a flower arrangement with all purple and yellow flowers, his mother's favorite colors.

He plays the guitar, and his first song he ever learned was "Smoke on the Water".

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