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Name Christopher Cusick
Naionality American
Date of Birth
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Few have illustrated the physical incarnation of Jesus onscreen as convincingly or as hauntingly as Peruvian-Scottish actor Henry Ian Cusick, who signed for the lead in the 2003 production The Gospel of John. Though this hardly represented Cusick's first on-camera appearance (his scattered guest parts in television series such as Casualty and Taggart stretch back to the mid- to late '90s), it was the first role that truly made viewers' heads turn. Cusick's next major accomplishment involved his enlistment in the cast of the blockbuster serial drama Lost, starting in 2005, as Desmond Hume, a former Scottish soldier stranded on the central island via a shipwreck, who encounters the program's ragged band of plane crash survivors in season two. Cusick also guest starred in two episodes of the series 24, in season five (2006) of that program. He could be seen in the video-game adaptation Hitman in 2007, playing Udre Belicoff opposite Timothy Olyphant and Dougray Scott. In 2008, Cusick co-starred in the direct-to-DVD feature Dead Like Me, a continuation of the storyline from the cult-hit Showtime series of the same name; he played Cameron Kane, who becomes the head reaper after the departure of Rube Sofer, since Mandy Patinkin declined reprise his role as Rube for the film. ~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide.

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