Christian Clemenson Bio - Biography

Name Christian Clemenson
Height 6'2
Naionality American
Date of Birth 17-Mar-1958
Place of Birth America
Famous for

Clemenson spent his childhood in Humboldt, Iowa, as the son of a drug store owner. In his early teens he delivered the Des Moines Register, which had a long tradition of awarding scholarships to top east-coast preparatory schools to a select few "paper boys".[2] Clemenson, a straight-A junior high school student, won a Register scholarship to Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. Upon graduation from Phillips, he entered Harvard College. During many summers he would return to Humboldt to star in (and later direct) local community theatre plays at Humboldt's Castle Theatre.[3]

After graduating from Harvard College and the Yale School of Drama, he moved to Los Angeles.

Many of Clemenson's early roles in television and film matched his personality as a bright, soft-spoken professional. He was a law student in the television version of "The Paper Chase," Alex Keaton's English teacher in the television show "Family Ties," the bailiff in the Ivan Reitman movie "Legal Eagles," and the flight surgeon in the movie "Apollo 13"and Dr. Dale Lawrence in the movie "And the Band Played On." While he has been a familiar face for over a decade, until recently his name was not so well-known.

In film, he starred as real-life 9/11 victim Tom Burnett in United 93. On television, he was a regular on The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and has had recurring roles on Veronica Mars and Boston Legal, as Jerry 'Hands' Espenson. For playing Espenson, he won an Emmy Award for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2006 and was nominated for the same award in 2007.[5] Boston Legal is not the first time he has worked with James Spader; he played Spader's brother in the 1990 film Bad Influence.

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