Chris Hemsworth Bio - Biography

Name Chris Hemsworth
Naionality Australian
Date of Birth 11-Aug-1983
Place of Birth Australia
Famous for
Chris Hemsworth, born 11th August, 1983, plays Kim Hyde in Home & Away, a young man with lots on his mind who happens to be the son of Summer Bay High's new principal.

Chris was born and raised in Melbourne and has moved to Sydney to join the cast of Home and Away.

Chris auditioned in both Melbourne and Sydney for the role of Robbie now played by Jason Smith but was re-called and flown up to Sydney for the part of Kim Hyde.

"Home and Away is consistent work for me and a great experience. It is so fast paced and basically it will allow me to learn a lot a lot about the industry," he says.

"I get along with everyone because they are such a good bunch of people and I am learning a lot and having a ball. I am still learning about the character but getting a good grip on it all."

Chris says of his character, Kim: "he isn't a bad kid, he has been there and done it all before and moved to so many schools. He knows he won't be in one place for too long so doesn't go out of his way to make new friends or caring about the impression he leaves. Kim basically has the attitude of taking it as it comes."

Like his character Chris has moved a lot with his family to different parts of Australia.

Chris and his family lived in an aboriginal community in the Northern Territory for a working holiday when he was 5 years old for a year and they returned when Chris was 10.

Up until a year ago they lived in the Sassafras, Dandenong ranges and then moved to Melbourne's East coast.

At school, Chris excelled at athletics, particularly hurdles, and he also enjoyed water polo and football. He has been surfing for the last 7 years.

Chris will now make Sydney his new home while on Home and Away and is still driving up and down the coast to learn more about Sydney and the finding the best places for a surf.

"It is still like a holiday but as time goes by I will settle in more but Melbourne will always be home," he says.

In his spare time Chris likes playing the guitar, surfing and listening to some of his favourite music - Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, David Gray and The Pharcyde.

He lists Sean Penn as one of his favourite actors.

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