Chloe Annett Bio - Biography

Name Chloe Annett
Height 5' 5"
Date of Birth 25 July 1971
Place of Birth
Famous for
Chloë grew up in London where she attended Mountview Theatre School. Originally she was going to attend an Art School but she went along with one of her friends who had an audition and got in. She claims that her parents were supportive of her career change and really encouraged her. Her father is director Paul Annett. She has spent time in America where she had a part in Jewels (1992) (TV) - a TV mini series. She achieved stardom in 1997, when she landed the role of Kristine Kochanski in "Red Dwarf" (1988). After that she got the part of Holly Turner in "Crime Traveller" (1997) alongside Michael French, who played Jeff Slade.

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