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Name Cedric Sanders
Height 6'
Naionality American
Date of Birth 26-Apr-1982,
Place of Birth America
Famous for
The Ford’s, more importantly, William Clay Ford, Sr. has made some official announcements in regard to the Lions front office shake-up today, i.e. the scab which ultimately needed to be picked:

Tom Lewand is in charge of the financial/business aspect of their operation, Martin Mayhew will assume the role of general manager (he was the assistant general manager and senior vice president ), and Cedric Saunders will be the vice president of football operations. All will answer directly to William Clay Ford, Sr. in regard to team decisions that need to be made.

Who is Cedric Saunders , you ask? I don’t know, either. Apparently, you guessed it, he has freakin’ Tampa Bay connections. His bio says that he works closely with Marinelli, too. I wonder if Marinelli won some sort of power play with Millen, at some point. No matter, will you relent and break out the “creamsicle” jerseys as alternates please, Mr. Ford!?!

Are the Ford’s actually assembling an interim staff, which may ultimately shift into a “permanent” staff? Is there going to be an internal power play between Saunders and Mayhew, both likely interested candidates in the position.

Buckle your seat belts, you are due to hear about 3-6 months of this kind of speculation, the Ford’s final decision will take some time. Ford assures us that there will be a thorough search, and these positions are effective ONLY through the rest of the current season.

By the way, Lions fans are truly crazy. According to the Oakland Press’ David Birkett, the Lions Allen Park headquarters has been “surreal” and that a ” parade of fans have been driving by all morning honking their horns and waving Lions flags as if they have been liberated.

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