Briana Banks Bio - Biography

Name Briana Banks
Height 5,9
Naionality German
Date of Birth 21-may-1979
Place of Birth German
Famous for
Early life

Briana Bany was born in Munich, Bavaria to a German father and an Italian-American mother. They moved to Britain when she was four years old, and to the Los Angeles, California, United States suburb of Simi Valley when she was seven years old.[4][5] Her father still lives in Germany. She moved out of her mother's house when she was 16 years old, taking her 14-year-old sister with her.[6] She got custody of her sister when she turned 18.[6][4] She modeled as a teenager, including a cover of Teen magazine.[5] She held various other jobs before entering the adult industry; making pizza, clerk at an arts and crafts store, file clerk and secretary.[4]

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