Brandy Ledford Bio - Biography

Name Brandy Ledford
Height 5' 6"
Naionality American
Date of Birth 4 February 1969,
Place of Birth Denver, Colorado, USA
Famous for
Brandy Ledford has been in the entertainment business her whole life. She started performing at an early age as a dancer and went on to become the 1980 World Champions with the drill team that comprised most of her childhood. After high school, Brandy took a turn at modeling. While prevailing quite successfully in that field, she wanted something more fulfilling and decided to pursue her true love: acting. After studying with and graduating from the Joanne Baron School of Dramatic Arts in Beverly Hills, California, Brandy scored a small role in a big film, Demolition Man. The minute she walked on that set at Warner Bros., Brandy knew that this was where she was meant to be. Her love for acting has only increased as the years went on and the jobs poured in. Everything from the lights, the cables, the camera equipment, the crew to the art of turning words on paper into humanity, excites Brandy and she is always grateful to be in such a rewarding business.

A devout lover of Jesus Christ and a completely UN-fundamentalist Christian raised in Redondo Beach, California and a self-proclaimed "beach girl", she now spends her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver, British Colombia where she raises the incredible son that she has with Genie Award Winning actor, Martin Cummins (Love Come Down, Poltergeist: The Legacy, Dice, Dark Angel). Brandy and Martin have also produced the critically acclaimed movie, We All Fall Down.

While Brandy has a huge Sci-Fi following due to her extensive work on her many Sci-Fi shows, including The Invisible Man and Andromeda, Brandy's favorite show to date is the series she's currently filming, Whistler.

As well as Andromeda and The Invisible Man, Brandy is most known for her fabulous role of Dawn Masterson in Baywatch: Hawaii. She also starred in Alliance Atlantis' Fast Track and Aaron Spelling's Pier 66. . She is most proud of her work in the HBO movie, Zebra Lounge.

Whistler is Brandy's 6th TV series.

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