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"When I burned my words to the heavens, I wonder could you see the smoke? Because those weren't flames of anger, but of hope."
As the trio counts into the first song on their new album, The Captive, they set an energetic tone for the eclectic recordings that follow. While Braddigan has been touring with Reinaldo De Jesus (from Puerto Rico) and Tiago Machado (from Brazil) for 18 months, this is the first time they’ve unleashed their creativity in the studio. Over 50 minutes of music spread across 12 songs demonstrate each member’s dynamic personality and their eclectic collective experiences.

The Captive is Braddigan’s second studio release on his own label, Third Surfer Music, following his 2005 debut, Watchfires, with a renewed energy and powerful storytelling. Rock energy, reggae vibes, Latin rhythms and Brazilian beats create a foundation for stories about waves, friends and the calling that each of us has in our hearts to pursue our dreams and make a difference in our global community.

Through global travels and the varied experiences those trips brought, the band has learned a great deal about how life should be lived. The reggae jams Customs and Fist in the Ocean are calls to one kind of action — to live in the moment — while Solace is a call to another — to embrace change and to pursue it when the moment doesn’t resonate with the heart’s calling. The Captive also features Braddigan’s debut duet performance, as he partners with friend Josh Garrels for Walk On, a bluesy track inspired by the surfing film Walking On Water. The band explores the dichotomy of light and dark through the eyes of a little girl living in a trash dump who, despite being surrounded by human waste, smiles at every day with an infectious joy – check out Love Light & Melody as you hear the story of Ileana.

Braddigan’s The Captive was recorded in 10 days at Maximum-Joy Studios in Northglenn, Colorado in June of 2007, capturing the essence of a band from around the world, with its arms stretched wide taking in the magnificence of our world while moving through it at light speed – escape captivity in your own life, use your wings to find your calling.

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