Bo Derek Bio - Biography

Name Bo Derek
Height 5' 4
Naionality American
Date of Birth 20 November 1956,
Place of Birth Long Beach, California, USA
Famous for
Derek's first on screen performance was Orca: the Killer Whale (1977), in which her character (Annie)'s leg was bitten off when the whale attacked her home on a pier.
Derek co-starred in the 1979 Blake Edwards film 10, in which Dudley Moore's character is torn between his love for Julie Andrews and his fascination with Derek. Her appearance shot her to instant stardom and status as a sex symbol. Her beaded and plaited cornrow hairstyle in the film was widely copied and became eponymous.
The plotline of 10 involves a woman whom the protagonist (Moore) perceives as better-than-perfect, until he actually gets to know her and realizes the great differences in their priorities and lifestyles.
Bo Derek with braided hair in the film 10.Some of Bo Derek's subsequent films were not well-received by either the public or critics. For the 1981 film Tarzan, the Ape Man, the producers of the film were actually sued by the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate over the name of the film, as Derek's role and physique seemed to overshadow the focus on Tarzan himself.
She followed this film with the sexually charged Bolero and a subsequent role in her husband's production Ghosts Can't Do It.
She made the first of many appearances in Playboy, starting with the March 1980 issue. Her first pictorial (among others) was photographed by then husband John, on a secluded beach along an unnamed area of the Colorado River. The twelve page spread featured a few with her and her pet greyhound together jogging and sunbathing, as well as her sailing and swimming in the river, all nude. She also made the cover (in a bikini). The issue was a sell-out.[citation needed]
Bo Derek in Hot ChocolateBolero and Tarzan, the Ape Man earned her the dubious honor of four Golden Raspberry Awards, as well as a nomination in 2000 as the "Worst Actress of the Century". However, she has lately made a respectable showing as Jamie Kennedy's mom and Ryan O'Neal's wife in Malibu's Most Wanted (2003). In addition, she can be seen on TV in "Fashion House" playing one of the main characters, notorious fashion designer Maria Gianni. Derek was also chosen to be one of the judges in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant.

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