Anthony Vitale Bio - Biography

Name Anthony Vitale
Height 6 ft 0 in
Naionality Italian
Date of Birth 30-November-1965
Place of Birth Hailey, Idaho, USA
Famous for Acting
Anthony Vitale is an Italian/Irish American film and television actor. Was born in Hailey Idaho to Salvatore and Nancy Vitale then moved to California at the age of 3 1/2 where he attended school in Southern California graduating class of 1983 from Reed High School in Long Beach, California with 2 scholarships for English journalism, one from the Los Angeles Times and the Other from the Rotary Club of Long Beach. Breifly attended LBCC pursuing an art career then became a marine carpenter.

In 2006 his love for the arts found its way to Hollywood and his passion for acting. His love of the craft is portrayed through his performances and believability of the characters he portrays. He has never married and does not have any children.

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