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Hailed “Cara Nueva” (New Face) of 2006 by People Magazine (En Espanol), Angie Ruiz has become one of Hollywood’s busiest new talents having shown her versatility and adeptness at both dramatic and comedic roles. She was featured at the 2006 ALMA Awards hosted by Eva Longoria and was a presenter at the 20th Annual Imagen Awards, hosted by George Lopez. Angie has starred in films for Lions Gate, Maverick Entertainment, FoxSearchlight, and Miramax including SURF SCHOOL, IN YOUR EYES, BEE SEASON, and 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS. She has worked with award- winning and acclaimed directors in film, television, and theatre, earning a reputation for her intelligence, professionalism and commitment to her work. SURF SCHOOL director Joel Silverman recently commented, “Angie is one of those rare, young actresses who can dazzle you with her looks, then crack you up with her comic flare”.

In May 2007, Angie will be seen around the world in an international campaign for NxTV. She recently shot several hip and edgy vignettes directed by Emmy Award Winner, Bruce Logan (Batman Forever, Star Wars) that will play exclusively in luxury hotels worldwide including The Four Seasons, St. Regis, The Peninsula and Morgan’s Group Hotels in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more. The role previously belonged to model/actress, Rachel Hunter.

Also in May, Angie will be appearing on stage in the West Coast premiere of Craig Pospisil’s MONTHS ON END. Angie stars as the neurotic “Paige” in this cleverly written play about the intertwined worlds of a circle of friends and family whose lives are poised between happiness and heartache. The show will from May 4 through May 31 at Theatre Forty in Beverly Hills.

This summer, Angie will begin shooting LITTLE GORDON, starring as Jennifer. A poignant and heartwarming story about a little boy who helps his grandfather find redemption and acceptance from his checkered past.

Born and raised in Northern California, Angie was introduced to music and the arts when she was a toddler. Her parents encouraged her creative interests through music, dance, and theatre. Through them, she quickly learned to appreciate classic movies, literature, and a variety of artists. Unsure of whether to pursue a career in the arts, Angie studied business and international relations at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo. After graduation, she moved to San Francisco where she studied theatre. She honed her theatrical skills abroad at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London and appeared on stage in Richard 11 at the Vanbrugh Theatre.

In 2004, Angie landed her first starring role opposite Latino star Michael De Lorenzo in the Maverick Entertainment dramatic feature IN YOUR EYES, a film that explores the complexity of interracial relationships. She was director Trae Brier’s first choice after seeing hundreds of Latina actresses for the role of CeCe Espinoza. IN YOUR EYES premiered at the 2004 Santa Barbara Film Festival to a sold-out audience and screened in various festivals around the world. It was with this role that Angie began to establish herself as a leading lady.

In addition to her film career, Angie is a devoted humanitarian. She began volunteering in college for such programs as The Special Olympics and continued in San Francisco with Meals on Wheels. She is now known around the world for her efforts in advocating education in Tanzania, Africa. In 2004, she volunteered in a small village with WAMATA, a non-government organization that raises HIV/AIDS awareness with their drama group that performs stage plays and songs among villages in Tanzania with high illiteracy rates. This led her to create a grassroots, community based project called Center For Good Destiny that provides educational services to disadvantaged individuals who lost out on educational opportunities earlier in life. It is the first program of its kind in Tanzania that is offering a GED equivalent for adults aged 18-45 who were too impoverished to afford a traditional secondary education. She is also assisting the Maasai of Tanzania with an organization called Kitumusote ( She teamed up with a Maasai tribesman named Kesuma Kasikasi to form Kitumusote, an organization that aims to provide the Maasai with environmental and educational awareness offering a reforestation program and a women's educational program. Both programs have become Angie's passion projects and both are being funded by her Wandering Star Foundation. She has been a guest speaker in Washington D.C. and a participant at the United Nations 51st Session on the Status of Women. In addition to visiting Tanzania twice a year, Angie has been the guest of the National Museum's of Kenya and world renowned anthorpologist and Rutger's University professor Dr. Jack Harris to visit Koobi Fora and many of the tribesman who inhabit Northern Kenya. She was also the guest of Professor Robert Blumenshein on a visit to Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. in December of 2006, she travelled to India where she visited several Tiger Habitats to learn more about Tiger conservation.

Angie currently resides in West Hollywood. She has traveled to over twenty countries and speaks Spanish, conversational French and is learning Swahili. Her Wandering Films production company has plans to produce a documentary in 2007 on the inspirational stories of the Women of East Africa.

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