Andrew Roach Bio - Biography

Name Andrew Roach
Naionality American
Date of Birth 22-Aug-1973
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Andrew Roach was born in Salt Lake City, on March 15, 1979, to Brian and Betty Roach. He is the youngest of two children and has a brother Adrian Roach. Growing up in Salt Lake, Andrew had plenty of opportunity to spend time outdoors. He loves sports, especially football, basketball and snowboarding.

As for acting, it all started one afternoon on the high school football field when Andrew felt some unusual pain in his lower back. He didn’t think anything of it though, so he continued playing. As the week went on, the pain worsened. He decided over time, to hang up his football cleats. He would then have to make the decision of a lifetime. What will he do the rest of his life? His dream of playing for the University of Colorado had shattered.

In a moment of sheer panic, he had an epiphany. He had always enjoyed being the class clown growing up throughout his school years. Perhaps there was a way to earn money in doing something similar. What about actors? They get paid a lot of money to entertain and make people laugh. Why not? So that’s what he decided to do. He took an acting class at his high school, got a one-liner in a play and eventually got one of the leads in the high school musical.

He had been bit by the acting bug and was hooked. He moved to LA with an already established actor, Corbin Allred and heard a lot of no's. One agent told him he had a little bit of an accent and that he needed to take a class to get rid of it and then come back. He was devastated, discouraged and depressed to the point that he started having second thoughts on this career path. So he traveled back home to the Utah to regroup. He knew that hard work and determination was the only way to survive in this business. After a few weeks passed, he got his first audition and landed his first role in Touched by an Angel.

After months of being in the business he landed roles in different films and television and made the move back to Los Angeles. This time, with the help of a publicist, Traci Harper, he was able to get some traction. She helped him use the momentum he established to land a deal with Susan Smith & Associates, one of the most respected agencies at that time in the business.

After spending time in Los Angeles and doing some soul searching, he decided to go on a 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He learned many things, serving the community of Houston and even learned to speak Spanish. This time was good for him to mature as a person and gain confidence, which has really helped him develop his acting skills.

Andrew moved back to Los Angeles and studies with Margie Haber in the International Studies Program. He just recently shot a Charter Communications commercial, an N*E*R*D music video entitled, "Sooner or Later" and worked on the new film, Waiting For Forever, starring Rachel Bilson. He also has a role in Forever Strong, an exciting new rugby film out in select theaters.

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