Alain Prost Bio - Biography

Name Alain Prost
Height 5'5
Naionality France
Date of Birth 24-Feb-1955
Place of Birth
Famous for
Alain Prost was born in Saint Chamont on February 24, 1955. He begins his career in the sports very young mechanics while being essential in competitions of karting. He evolves/moves in various categories and climbs the levels until several stables of F1 are interested in him. Mc Laren engages it in 1980. First great price, first points but Prost is there to learn, it is the only season besides that it will be wounded.
In 1981 Alain changes stable and signs at Renault. Confronted with his Arnoux team-member, Alain Prost is not loved by the public. But gradually, the talent of the "professor" crushes all. Prost gains two titles of champion of the world.

In 1988, one associates Ayrton Senna to him. The legendary competition of the two men will give place to crowned master keys of weapons on the track. After the victory of Brazilian, the French takes again his good in 1989. After a passage missed at Ferrari and a sabbatical year, the Prost psychopath returns triumphantly with Williams in 1993. He withdraws then buckets, but not beds. He repurchases Ligier to create his own stable: Prost Great Price. An adventure which ends in a bankruptcy.
Alain Prost to date remains the French pilot most famous. Its 51 successes in Great Price did of him one of the world references.

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