Abigail Mason Bio - Biography

Name Abigail Mason
Naionality American
Date of Birth 6 March 1989
Place of Birth Lansing, Michigan, USA
Famous for
Abigail Mason was born in Lansing, Michigan, and her interest in "acting" started at the young age of 8. She had done over twenty theatre productions and musicals by the time she was 14. At the age of 15, she attended a talent convention and convinced her parents it was time to visit Los Angeles. Her visit to Los Angeles proved to be the right move as since she has been on such networks such as Fox, Disney, HBO, lifetime, Comedy Central, and was cast as the 16-year old lead of "Lyddie Cottrel" , in Michael Landon, Jr's, film, "Saving Sarah". "Lyddie" is a religiously devout young lady and the oldest child in a family of five Amish kids, who become orphaned. This project was such a positive experience in that it taught Abigail to enjoy not only the simple things in life such as snowball fights and the value of hard work, but also an overall respect of the Amish culture. It also afforded the opportunity for her to learn the Pennsylvania Dutch accent which she hopes to use again in the future. Abigail is drawn to projects that have strong character roles and that send a positive message to the audience. Any projects that involve her love of sports as well as animals is of great interest to her. Her work on both "Discovery on Blackbird Island" and "The Suite Life" were gratifying because they incorporated her interests with her love of acting.

Abigail maintains her inspiration for the craft by participating in an advanced acting class that provides challenge and risk and working with a private coach. There is no second choice of career for her and she accepts the ups and down of this career as part of her journey .

Abigail rounds out her busy schedule by supporting Compassion International, sponsoring a child from the Dominican Republic. She is also in the volunteer program, Illuminate that gives underprivileged children an opportunity to express themselves through the creative arts and helps sponsor a program that provides medical support to children with AIDS in Zambia

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