James Ferris Bio - Biography

Name James Ferris
Height 5'11
Naionality American
Date of Birth 21-May-1867
Place of Birth America
Famous for
Boys and girls, I present you an unknown but very, very delicious hunk of the day, James Ferris! I just finished watching a crappy B movie (or C, the music was really bad) called The Hitchhiker and I was left mad. Okay, not exactly mad but extremely furious! The only good thing about the movie which was James Ferris scenes only lasted at only about less than 2 minutes! These people!

And even more annoying, James’s shirtless scene was shot entirely from the reflection of a crappy TV! Don’t these people ever learn? To make a B movie successful, you need to showcase the hot shirtless hunks like what David DeCoteau been doing, not some random chicks with their boobies exposed. That’s what will get people talking.

Okay so the main character Jeff Denton was pretty hot too, quite a hefty shirtless scenes and his body was yummy, but what’s wrong with showcasing a bit of James Ferris body? Ergh, I really need a chill pill right now. That being said, enjoy these delicious pictures of James Ferris who I think one of the hottest unknown actor ever yet to be discovered. Also included are some Jeff Denton skin, just to fill in the void. Enjoy!

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