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Erika Ito is a composer, orchestrator, arranger, and graduate of
the Film Scoring Major at Berklee College of Music in 2007.
She was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her mother was a pianist and her father was a lyricist.
She has always loved playing and composing music since her childhood.
She played percussion in a brass band and piano in a children’s choir.
When Erika was in primary school, she watched the Disney film “Beauty and the Beast”,
and was deeply amazed by the music of composer Alan Menken.
She naturally became interested in music for theater and film.
Her first taste of publicity was when she had the opportunity to write
original music for the play “Otsuberu to Zo,” written by Kenji Miyazawa.
The play was first performed in Tokyo, Japan when Erika was only thirteen years old.
After graduating from high school, she decided to be a composer and
started learning composition and piano formally.
She composed music and songs for the musical “Somewhere Between Earth and Heaven,”
presented by the theatre company Truth in Tokyo, Japan.
She also scored music for a documentary about BSE screened in the 20-Sai Festival in Chiba, Japan,
and received the Michael Kamen Award in 2007.

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