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A quintet featuring three sisters, their brother, and their best friend, Tyler, TX's Eisley formed in 1997 when the DuPree siblings -- guitarist Chauntelle, singer/guitarist Sherri, singer/keyboardist Stacy, and drummer Weston -- began playing with bassist Jon Wilson. Originally called the Towheads, the band began playing local gigs the following year, when Stacy was just eight years old. Over the next five years, the band wrote and played, expanding their touring area to the Dallas-Fort Worth region and ultimately winning a 2003 Best New Act Award from the Dallas Observer. A few months later, the group released their debut EP, Laughing City, on the indie imprint Record Collection, and toured that spring and summer with Coldplay and Ron Sexsmith. The Marvelous Things EP arrived later in 2003, and early in 2005, their first full-length, Room Noises, arrived. Heather Phares, All Music Guide

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