David Cassidy Bio - Biography

Name David Cassidy
Height 5' 8
Naionality USA
Date of Birth 12 April 1950
Place of Birth New York City, New York, USA
Famous for
David Cassidy just turned 50 last April. He is happily married, with a beautiful, intelligent wife and a son. He also has a 14 year-old daughter from a previous relationship. He lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada and recently founded a charitable foundation for children with his wife.

In 1970, "The Partridge Family" debuted co-starring a 20 year old David Cassidy. He very quickly became the hottest teen idol of the time. He has been called "the ultimate teen idol". He was on the cover of every single teen magazine and on the walls of almost every thirteen-year-old's bedroom. After he convinced the producers of "The Partridge Family" to let him sing on the records, he became an international pop star. He filmed "The Partridge Family" on weekdays and spent his weekends doing concerts around the United States and Canada. In 1972, he did an infamous interview with Rolling Stone Magazine where he posed nude. The article also exploded the myth that Cassidy was anything like Keith Partridge, who he portrayed on television.

In 1974, Cassidy decided he had had enough. He quit touring and he quit "The Partridge Family". Around this time, Cassidy married the actress Kay Lenz. This marriage only lasted a few years.

In the mid-seventies, Cassidy made a TV movie, "Man Undercover". For this role he received an Emmy nomination and a short-lived TV show based on the film. After that, he didn't do that much for a few years other than some live theatre and the occasional guest shot. All the time, though, he was recording some of the best musical work of his career. He made a few albums for RCA Records that have received some great critical praise. He also married again, this time to a horse-trainer/owner from South Africa, Merle Tanz. This marriage did not very long either.

In the 90's Cassidy was on Broadway, appearing in "Blood Brothers" with his half-brother, Shaun Cassidy and Petula Clark. By this time, he was married to his current wife, Sue Shifrin. He has credited her with changing his life for the better.

Cassidy then went on to replace Michael Crawford, in the blockbuster production "EFX" in Las Vegas. He completely rewrote the show, adding new songs. The show became an even bigger success with Cassidy at the helm. He stayed with the play for two years.

Currently, David Cassidy is starring in "At The Copa" at the Rio, co-starring Sheena Easton. This is a high energy musical extravaganza. He intends to stay with this show for the next two years. He is also a producer of the successful Vegas show, "The Rat Pack"; Cassidy occasionally appears in this production as Bobby Darin. Despite the threat of a law suit from Nancy Sinatra (now resolved) the show continues to entertain Vegas audiences.

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