Terra C. Macleod Bio - Biography

Name Terra C. Macleod
Naionality Canadian
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Famous for Acting
Terra C. Macleod is a Canadian Actress.

"MacLeod, who played Velma, is convincing as a competitive and jealous character when Hart's fame makes headlines, overshadowing her own crime of passion -- killing her husband and sister when she finds them in the act. She's an amazing dancer." [The Reno Gazette]
"With the emotional temperature of this musical hovering around the freezing mark, it's up to the singers, dancers and musicians to turn up the heat. As Velma Kelly, Terra C. MacLeod has a smoky voice and a frosty charisma. It's easy to believe she killed both her sister and her husband." [The Ottawa Citizen]
"As the leggy killer Velma Kelly, actress Terra C. MacLeod immediately pulls the audience in with her inviting spectral whiteness emerging from the gloom. In addition to her easy, sultry voice on tunes such as 'All That Jazz' and 'I Know a Girl,' she's a dancer with high endurance and the stealthy precision of a mob hit man. DeJean and MacLeod work together like a pair of aces."[The Commercial Appeal, Memphis,TN]
"Canadian Terra C. MacLeod, obviously in her element as vixen Velma Kelly, shows off dynamic athletics to go along with her smoky vocals" [Todd Nickel , Winnipeg Sun ]
"Terra C Macleod's Velma seizes a musical like a tiger. spitting out each word with venom. A hardened Diva used to getting her way, her single -minded intensity drives the shows narrative."