Stacey Hayes Bio - Biography

Name Stacey Hayes
Height 5'7
Naionality British
Date of Birth 10 August 1976
Place of Birth London, England, UK
Famous for
Currently showcasing her talents as Chuck Woolery’s brilliant and beautiful on-air “word consultant”, judge and co-host on the Game Show Network’s #1-rated original show, LINGO, Stacey Hayes is a lifelong performer who began her promising career with her first television commercial at the precious age of three. Since then Stacey’s star hasn’t stopped rising, and she is currently reaping the rewards of her blossoming career thanks to years of training and dedication combined with her unlimited wealth of talent. And the best part is…the best is yet to come as the young and utterly gorgeous Stacey Hayes is only now beginning to receive the worldwide renown she has worked so hard to obtain.

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