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Silvia Rocca participates in the contest � The Look of the Year � where the only Italian wins getting the third position. She works for the most important international designer as Armani , Versace , Ferre` , Genny , Krizia and RoccoBarocco. Required from the magazines of fashion for publicity and advertising she is modeling in Paris and Milan.

The passion for the yellow books pushes her to write the novel � Dangerous Experiments � recently published in Italy become a real success in the bookstores. The book is amazing and become unavailable after few months. Without time to breath it representing a world of imaginations and perversions where the mysterious serial killer is only one of many actors. Currently Silvia is managing an agreement with GQ Italy of Conde` Nast Publications developing short stories edited by January 2001. Again for GQ she takes care of the � Heart Corner � and a WEB page where she answer to the questions of his readers.

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